When the going gets tough, the tough get going

Hot ginger tea and some sleep will always help when you’re sick.

Life happens, even when you travel and work remotely. Seemingly minor things like a cold or a flu that life throws at you at this time of the year becomes a different dimension when you’re on the road. At home you just suck it up, snuggle up in bed with chicken soup and hot tea and try to get better… when the going gets tough, the tough get going.

Well, you do the same while working remotely – the big difference is that you might miss a big part of your experience. Because being on the road also means that you stay in one place only for a certain amount of time and if – like in my case – you spend a week of your four week stay tucked away from the outside world, 25% of your local experience in this particular city or country is gone.

It’s not that I bathe in self-pity now and count all the things I might have missed, but admittedly there is a tiny taste of melancholy and the wish that I could turn back time. But as I said earlier, the tough get going, and I just need to do the exploring the Chinese way now.

In any case, it was also a great experience as it showed me how caring people can be that you’ve only met a few weeks ago. I was well looked after by my travel family and got more loving care I guess than back home. 

And it was a good example that no matter where you are on this planet or what you do, your life continues to happen: The big wheels are turning.

Enjoy life!

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