Point of no return

Image by Deanna Ritchie

Slowly but surely reality sinks in. Where is the panic button? Only one more week to go and I will officially be “homeless”. Or should I rather say the world will be my home? Anyways, I would lie if I say that everything is fine and that I cannot wait to board the plane. Truth is, that I do feel a bit uneasy. Leaving the comfort zone behind and taking a leap of faith is tough – even for the most adventurous person. I usually do not overthink things, but right now my mind is in shambles. Is this really what I want? Is this the right thing to do? Will this damage my career or will it be a boost? Too many questions. I’m a human being after all. But I believe in faith and destination. And if you know what you want, you have to go on out and get it!

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